Red Maple helps you ONLY buy stocks going up in price

It is easier to make money trading if every single stock you buy is going up in price.
Red Maple helps you ONLY buy stocks going up in price

While that seems like a pipe dream to many there is one somewhat mysterious indicator that delivers exactly that.

This indicator only triggers on stocks that have been going up in price 100 percent of the time.

Yes, every single time.

It is the only signal I know of that can say that. And traders who use it could find trades like these on a regular basis

Are these gains exceptional? Of course, but the potential is undeniable.

Also this indicator often gives crystal clear exits points when it is time to sell.

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It works on the overall markets too. For instance, it triggered a sell signal in the S&P 500 5-days before one of the largest point losses ever during a single trading day.

Plus, its buy signal appeared alongside many of the most exceptional stock gains.

2,941 percent on Terra Nitrogen

7,476 percent on Monster Beverage Corp.

2,566 percent  on Kingold Jewelry Inc.

1,478 percent  on Radcom Ltd.

1,328 percent  on U.S. Global Investors

And many more...

When a signal this accurate is available it is worth at least exploring to see whether it is worth adding to your trading.

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