Account Security

We take security very seriously and Our job is to protect your assets with our firm as if they were our own.

At Red Maple Trading International we treat your assets as if they were ours.

Encrypted password together with your user name makes unauthorized login attempts virtually impossible. Our system uses secure proprietary software to track not only the login patterns but various other variables so that we can recognize any potential unauthorized login attempts.

Red Maple Trading International doesn't send paper documents which has been shown to drastically reduce identity theft.

All of of the account data and documentation on your Red Maple Trading International trading account is available by logging in to your account online on pc or smart phone, 24 hours a day.

100% Guarantee of any loss due to unauthorized trading in your account.

Red Maple Trading International guarantees to cover any losses that result from unauthorised access to your account. This is a simple guarantee.

To help in the fight against online crime, never allow another person to have your login details for your account with Red Maple Trading International. Our guarantee becomes null and void in this case.

Our security team monitors each trade including IP address to assist us enforce this policy.