RBOB Gasoline Futures

Reformulated Gasoline Blend Stock for Oxygen Blending.
RBOB Gasoline Futures

RBOB Gasoline Futures contracts are based on a type of fuel mix known as Reformulated Gasoline Blend Stock for Oxygen Blending. It is known in the industry as a gasoline benchmark product, traded at CME Group/NYMEX and also on the Intercontinental Exchange.

New York Harbor RBOB Gasoline is reformulated regular gasoline blendstock for blending with 10 percent denatured fuel ethanol (92% purity) for sales in New York and New Jersey.

The contract is sized at 42,000 gallons and priced in U.S. dollars and cents per gallon at CME Group and ICE. It trades for 12 consecutive months at ICE while the NYMEX RBOB Gasoline Futures is offered out to 36 months on CME Group, and is physically delivered at New York Harbor.

ICE and CME Group also offer RBOB options, swaps and other derivatives on the product.

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