Red Maple Trading International offers both non discretionary trading accounts and fully managed trading accounts. For investors that want to put money in the market but don't have the time our brokers can manage the account completely. This service is also used by corporate clients who simply want to place their funds in the market and see them grow with a trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor.

For clients that like to have control we also offer non discretionary accounts where our traders offer advice on how to maximize profit with minimal risk but always the final decision is with the client.

Fully Managed Accounts

Opening a fully managed account with Red Maple Trading International means that our traders will look after your entire commodity and forex trading portfolio. This is an option for busy high net worth individuals or corporate investors who literally don't have the time to attend to their portfolio but want to see performance and profits with minimal risk. Red Maple Trading International has outperformed the markets year on year and our fully managed customers continue to see a high rate of return on their money invested with Red Maple Trading.

Non-Discretionary Accounts

Red Maple Trading International offers non-discretionary commodity and forex trading accounts for clients that want to maintain full control in their trading portfolio but at the same time get some of the best commodity and forex trading advice available. This is made possible by working hand in hand with our Senior Brokers and even following their trades. Your broker will recommend what you should invest in based upon your risk tolerance and other factors that we assess when you first become a client. The key difference in this type of account is that you have the driving seat and ultimately make the decisions.