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As an offshore commodities and forex trading firm, Red Maple Trading offers a combination of first class trading advice combined with an award winning client services team and a trading record that is second to none. Red Maple Trading clients make good returns with minimal downside due to our proprietary trading software.

Red Maple Trading offers a selection of different financial services including both fully managed and non discretionary accounts to commodity and forex traders in most countries of the world.

Offering both fully-managed and non-discretionary accounts to commodity and forex traders in most countries of the world, Red Maple Trading has been in business for several years and have built a solid reputation combining attention to client detail, consistent results and trading excellence. Our offices are in Hong Kong, where we are able to ensure trading continues around the clock.

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Embrace Offshore Trading

More than a quarter of the money in the world is held offshore. Why?

Offshore trading with Red Maple Trading brings the trader many advantages compared to investing in just the domestic market. Our expert tax staff can setup offshore banking and corporate structures that allow many to pay zero tax without breaking the law.

Any and All information that Red Maple Trading holds on our clients is 100% confidential and we do not give out that info for any reason.

Gain access to many markets that are more lucrative than just investing domestically not to mention higher interest rates on cd's and bonds via our network of offshore bank connections.